Highland Concierge Service understands that not everyone needs the services of a  concierge. But if you 're too busy and want to outsource some tasks a personal concierge service makes a lot of sense. Concierges are highly skilled people who can add real value to your life by taking care of some  essential and time-consuming  tasks for you.

With personal concierge services on the rise and modern women and men know that time is their most precious resource. Highland Concierge is your perfect companion, it's your own secret weapon to free up time, the one thing you can not recapture.

There are three main reasons for people to subscribe to a personal concierge service.

1. To save time;

2. To outsource time-consuming and repetitive tasks;

3. To have someone perform tasks they can no longer do.

Highland Concierge Services offers two types of service; Contract based, the service runs for a specific time period. Option two; On demand pay as you go service.  It's more singular and focused on particular tasks or events.

Whether you choose contract based or a one time event Highland Concierge Services strives to deliver exceptional 24/7  service to their clients.


Short list of services provided

This is a compilation of services we routinely provide in the Lake Havasu area.

  • Boat launching, retrieval, and transporting
  • Home watch; system inspections, flood, storm, handyman
  • Organizing; interior of home and garage
  • Vehicle maintenance; cars boats, RV's, desert buggies
  • Mail sorting and forwarding
  • Real estate; licensed broker in Arizona and California
  • Rides to and from the airports
  • Errands
  • Wellness checks on family members
  • Key holder service
  • Home remodel supervisor check ups with detailed electronic reports
  • Meet licensed vendors; plumbers, electricians, contractors, police, fire department +
  • Holiday help
  • Personal shopping; food, prescriptions, clothing
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Meal preparation
  • Pick up and delivery

If there is a service you need that is not listed above please contact us and we will do or

best to try to accommodate your needs.