About Highland Home Watch and Concierge


Stephen MacLeod is a certified building inspector, property manager, real estate broker, and home builder, with over 35+ years experience. In 1993 Stephen started Highland Realty and Property Management services in Scripps Ranch- San Diego California. In 2014 a second office was opened in Carlsbad California. 

Currently, Stephen has relocated his company to Lake Havasu City Arizona and offers the same professional services with the addition of Highland Home Watch and Concierge.


Highland Home Watch and Concierge offers Lake Havasu and the surrounding communities a home watch service that is the eyes and ears for home owners in their absence. We are a fully licensed, bonded and insured company and all personnel are background checked.

Highland Home Watch and Concierge has the experience and resources to perform routine inspections and perform handyman services when needed. 

Highland Home Watch and Concierge is here to help keep potential damage from turning into a disaster.



Highland Home Watch and Concierge along with their trained professionals are available to help individuals and investors alike to assist them when they are not available to be present at their property should a problem arise. We practice what is known as "relaxed intensity" whereas the property owner is free to carry on in their daily lives while the Highland professionals complete a routine multipoint inspection of the owner's property and submit a report with photos of potential problems to them.

As we strive to meet the needs of our clients, we base our actions on seven governing values:

1. WE PRODUCE QUALITY - We take pride in the quality of work we do in your home through experience and education.

2. WE SERVE THE CLIENT - We are client-driven, we give what our clients seek by designing a custom service plan for them and can change the program according to their wishes.

3. WE VALUE OUR ASSOCIATES - We recognize that our team is only as good as the associates "subcontractors" that are in it. We constantly monitor and evaluate these associates to make sure they measure up to the Highland standards. Consequently, some associates may command a higher price but the quality and craftsmanship of their work more than covers the cost.

4. WE PRACTICE TEAMWORK - We recognize that by working together as a team we have a client who can rest assured that their home is in good hands while in their absence.

5. WE WELCOME INNOVATION AND ADAPT TO CHANGE - We constantly evaluate what we are doing and compare it what is possible. Nothing in the home watch industry remains the same, neither can we.


ourselves out to the highest degree of integrity, Highland Home Watch sets the standards by which other home watch companies aspire to. Our services, when applied, produce positive results for our clients.

7. OUR CLIENTS HAVE THE HIGHEST PRIORITY - Meeting the needs and goals of our clients enable us to realize our mission.



We know you have a choice and there are other home watch companies to choose from but we hope that you will contact Highland Home Watch for an interview and you will quickly discover why so many others have trusted us with their home for the past 35 years.