Scenic Colorado river boat cruises

Affordable 1, 2, or 3 day adventures

Looking to book a day or an evening cruise?  We offer the best of both worlds. You may also choose to combine day and evening River cruises together.  Colorado River Events offers one to three days at a time. We cater to all age groups and the boat can hold between 10 and 12 individuals. There is a flat fee rate regardless of the amount of individuals on board which is a real savings for everyone. The boat comes with a driver so you do not have to worry about navigation or destinations.  We offer a meal service for an additional price.

Please contact us for a direct quote for rate fees and trip scheduling.



River cruises in the United States have become incredibly popular in recent years especially in Lake Havasu Arizona. With over 85 miles of lake and river to travel on it is no wonder that Baby Boomers and Millennials alike return each year to venture the Colorado River. For individuals, families, and friends who want to take the road less traveled, enjoy some real relaxation time to totally unwind and have a great time doing it. Colorado River running is a great way to meet new friends and recharge the body and soul.  The Colorado River boat tour may be just what you are looking for.


Not being a good swimmer I was apprehensive about going out on the boat at night but with captain Stephen at the helm my husband and I had a great Colorado River experience.  P & J Warren

I've never been to Lake Havasu before and after a couple of days on the water I discovered I really like boating and I made some really good new friends. B. Anderson

I had no idea that this part of the Colorado River was so beautiful. Thanks J. Karcher

Thanks for the best bachelorette party ever Stephen! Good thing our GoPro video camera got washed overboard, no evidence, what happened in Havasu-stayed in Havasu.   Anonymous 

Thanks for making our transition to the Havasu area a good one. Looking forward to going out on the boat again. Bill and Martha Gooding


Here is a short list of some of the activities we have provided in the past.

1. Vacation get away

2. Job promotion

3. Retirement

4. Relocation to Lake Havasu 

5. Weddings

6.   Bachelorette Party

7. Domestic restructuring reflection

8. Celebration of life

9. Birthday party

10. Romantic dinner

11. Exploring the Colorado River

12. Christmas cruise

13. Scuba diving

14. Water sports - skiing, wake boarding ...

15. Sight seeing

16.  Your customized special trip

We are here to make your River trip excursion a cathartic one.

Year around entertainment

Lake Havasu also known as Arizona's French Riviera is one of the Colorado River's best kept secrets. The Mohave desert has hot summers and  mild winters which is perfect for year round boating.  There are weekly events that is sure to delight all age groups all year long. 

While you are boating on the Colorado River you may come across some of the natural animal species that inhabit the surrounding River areas  including  desert bighorn sheep, roadrunner, badger, bobcat, cougar, peregrine falcon, California condor, fox, wild havalina, 

desert tortoise, wild donkey's and bats. 

Boating trips are available all year but if you want to switch it up a notch ask about our desert rides on a side by side desert buggy. Lake Havasu has over 1,200 miles of desert trails to explore.


Q.  What type of boat is it?

A. The boat is a tri-hull Voyager pontoon.

Q.  How many people will the boat hold?

A.  The boat  is designed to hold a 

maximum of 14 people.

Q.  Who drives the boat?

A.  The boat comes with a captain who has had over 35 years of boating experience.

Q.  What does the flat fee cover?

A. The flat fee covers the cost of operating the boat, fuel, driver,  equipment and toys on board.

Q.  Is there a reservation deposit required?

A.  Yes there is a nominal upfront deposit fee for making reservations. The fee is always applied towards the cost of boat cruise.

Q.  What about food and drink?

A.  Our guests are invited to bring  food and drink  of their choosing, this includes adult beverages. We supply a BBQ grill, ice chest for drinks and a dry cold storage for food.

Q.  Is the River cruise structured?

A.  Each River cruise is tailored to meet your needs and desires.

Q.  How accessible is Lake Havasu City?

A.  Havasu is 2 hours from the Las Vegas airport and 3 hours from the Phoenix airport.

Points of Interest on the lake and river

Starting at Parker Dam

Parker Dam separates two states; Arizona and California and is located at the southern most part of Lake Havasu. Parker dam was built in 1934 and was constructed 235 feet below bedrock making it the deepest dam in the world.


  • Cattail Cove and Three Dunes and Sandypoint Marina. Cattail has numerous soft sand beaches to relax and have a picnic. There is a launch ramp to put your boat in the water for a fee.  Cattail Cove now offers paddleboards and sit-on-top kayaks for hourly rental
  • Black Meadow Landing. If you need to fuel up your boat or stay overnight Black Meadow has you covered. Boat storage fees range from $15 to 50 bucks a night. They offer a range of amenities, including RV sites, motel rooms, grassy tent sites, a launch ramp and marina as well as a 5-hole executive golf course. On site there is a diner, and a convenience store.

  • Steamboat Cove.    Located near the southern end of Lake Havasu on the Arizona side, Steamboat Cove is known as one of the lake's largest natural coves and a favorite location of boaters looking for a safe, secure and comfortable environment to enjoy a day or overnight stay. Steamboat Cove offers a generous expanse of sandy beachfront, enhanced with on-land restroom facilities and picnic tables, and is located at the southeastern portion of the cove. Because of its sheltered nature from wind and boat wakes, Steamboat Cove is the ideal place for boaters to toss out their anchors and spend extended time onboard . There is a $10.00 to beach your boat and picnic.

  •  Havasu Palms Marina.  Located on the California side of Lake Havasu the marina has docks and a fueling station.

  • Copper Canyon.    Copper Canyon  is a famed Havasu hot spot for locals and visitors, and was the backdrop for MTV's Havasu Spring Break highlight. The Canyon earned its name from the abundance of tarnished copper that can be seen along the rock formations, as well as the abandoned copper mine atop the canyon.In years past, Copper Canyon was considered Lake Havasu's number one gathering place for boaters looking to party. Back in the day, once anchored near the infamous 80-foot jumping rock, you were dedicated to stay put for the day, as boats were anchored in so tight you could walk from one side of the canyon to the other on boats! Today, however, Copper Canyon, while still popular with boaters and as breathtakingly beautiful as ever, offers a bit calmer, more serene atmosphere. The entrance to the canyon cove is now marked with "no wake" buoys and an open access lane is maintained for increased safety. Copper Canyon is known for a high — but dangerous — jump rock, which stands approximately 80 feet tall. Unless you're an experienced rock jumper, it is highly recommended that jump from the lower tiers of the formation.Copper Canyon  is also a popular dive spot. Dedicated divers scour the canyon floor after holiday weekends to collect items dropped overboard, such as sunglasses, Go-Pros, anchors, cell phones, and even shoes.  

  • Skiers Cove.    Skier's Island is one of the favorite places on the lake for family boaters to take youngsters to learn to ski, wakeboard or be pulled around on water toys. The natural cove is protected from boat wakes and traffic by a large rock island. Water depth is excellent on all sides with no worries of dinging a prop or running aground. There are several boat-in beach spots available in the area if you want to take a break and beach the boat for a bit. And if the kids tire of water sports, bring along a fishing pole or two, since bass and stripers are often found in the immediate area. 

  • Body Beach.    Body Beach is a half-mile long stretch of shoreline on the Arizona (east) side of the lake directly south of Thompson Bay.  On any given day, you can find some of the world's best personal watercraft riders practicing and testing in preparation for their next competition.

  • Thompson Bay.  Thompson Bay is a large body of water located at the mouth of the London Bridge Channel. It is a no-wake zone perfect for a quick dip in the water to cool off and refresh. Their are sandy beaches, a marina with a fueling station, several restaurants and a convenience store. There are a wide variety events that transpire here throughout the entire year including the 4th of July spectacular fireworks display, vendors from all over the country come here to try our their latest and greatest   pyrotechnics, the Palooza Country Music Boating Fest,  and  the winter balloon Fest to name. 

  • The London Bridge Channel.   The London Bridge is a very popular spot, it is also home to the world famous LONDON BRIDGE.  It is also one of the most heavily traveled areas on the entire Lake and River If you are novice boater you may want an experienced driver, it is not for the faint of heart.  Plenty of beach front boat parking, there is a playground for the kids, picnic tables, bathrooms, and  a fenced off designated dog park. You don't need a boat to access the Channel, plenty of car parking, and easy beach access for the picnic with family and friends.

  • Havasu Landing Casino and Marina.  Directly across from the city of Lake Havasu on the California side of the Lake is the Havasu Landing and Casino. It's the perfect place to have a meal and do a little gambling. They also have a marina and a fueling station.
  • The Sandbar.   Located about ten  miles north of the London Bridge, the sand bar is a small sandy beach island in the middle of the River and it attracts thousands of boaters throughout the summer boating season.

  • Topock Gorge and Devils Elbow.  Located approximately 35 north of Lake Havasu, Topock Gourge is arguably the most scenic part of the lower Colorado River. The brightly colored canyon walls rise over 100 feet in some areas and it is a no-wake zone so you have plenty of time to take in its natural beauty. There are plenty of beach and inlet cove areas for boat parking and having a picnic. Big horn sheep, wild donkeys, and horses can be seen on almost any given day. This is also home to many bird species, falcons. eagles, and the California Condor to name a few.

  • Topock.  Back in the 1800's the town of Topock was a bustling community located on the original Route 66 by the Red Rock Train bridge built in 1890.  Located approximately 40 miles north of Lake Havasu, Topock can be accessed by boat or car and  has a fueling station for boats and a fun family restaurant with a swimming pool to cool off in. In 1945 the Santa Fe railroad company rebuilt the train rails making it more durable for today's modern heavier trains. In 1966 the I-40 steel girder bridge freeway was constructed and you can also see the impressive gas utility Trails Arch Bridge from the boat or car.

  • Pirates Cove.  Last but certainly not least is one the most popular tourist attractions on the Colorado River. Located a mile north of Topock by boat, Pirates Cove is a River inlet that thousands of boaters visit every year. It has a launch ramp, a fueling station and a convenience store for ice and supplies. There is over a mile of beach front parking so can relax, play games, and listen to music.  Pirates Cove is easily accessed by car off of the I-40 on the California side. The restaurant has a wide verity of food on the menu and  live band on weekends. Pirates Cove is open year around and is equipped with A-framed bungalows holding up to 12 people  that can be rented out. On the other side of the beach there are camp grounds that you can park you RV and other toys.