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Highland Home Watch and Concierge offers two types of home watch services.

The standard home watch inspection covers everything in normal day to day activities that transpire in your home. Your home watch will be tailored to your needs. If you have additional services needed or items you want checked just let us know.

The concierge service covers everything that does not occur on a daily basis; storms, power outages, guest arrival, housekeeping, vehicle preparation, home repairs, and much more. 

Highland Home Watch and Concierge offers all three services to our clients based upon their needs and budget. The home watch rate is based upon an approximate one hour visual inspection at the property for each visit.  We do not charge an extra trip charge for residents within the Lake Havasu area. 

The standard home watch fee rate is based upon the number of  bathrooms not the square footage of the home.

The concierge service pricing varies depending on services rendered. Contact Highland Home Watch and Concierge to design a service that meets your needs and budget.

The  key holder service is for those individuals who do not wish to utilize the home watch , or the concierge services, but would like to have  your house key secured while your away and will only be relinquished by your authority to those individuals who you wish to have access to your home.

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Standard Home Watch Inspection Services


Highland Home Watch and Concierge will design a multi-point visual inspection. The standard interior and exterior service are as follows:


1. Check front door for signs of damage and entry lock operation.

2. Look for any weather stripping and threshold damage.

3. Confirm all utilities are on including water, gas, and electricity.

4. Check for gas leaks from gas appliances.

5. Run kitchen sink faucet, all bathroom faucets (including tub/showers), flush toilets and check for leaks.

6. Check refrigerator(s), make sure temperature is set correctly.

7. Check heating and AC thermostat setting. Check filter, replace if necessary.

8. Run garbage disposal, check for water leaks under kitchen sink.

9. Walk the entire interior of the home and visually check all floors, walls and ceilings looking for water stains. We also look for anything out of the ordinary.

10. Check all windows and sliding doors making sure there are closed and locked, and no cracked glass.

11. Check smoke detectors and replace batteries if necessary and you will be billed for only the cost of the battery, no markup fees.

12. Turn all interior lights on and replace any expired light bulbs and you will be billed for only the cost of the bulb, no markup fees

13. Water and maintain interior plants.

14. Confirm alarm system is operational.


15. Walk the entire exterior of the property. Check for pest infestation.

16. Look for signs of forced entry, windows, and doors.

17. Look for vandalism, graffiti, and debris on the property.

18. Pick up fliers, newspapers, and misc. debris at the front door.

19. Run all water spigots and check valves for leaks.

20. Check landscaping and pool to verify all contracted maintenance has been performed.

21. Collect mail from mailbox and forward to homeowner.

22. Collect UPS and FED EX packages and place inside of home.

23. Check water heater for gas and water leaks.

24. Check washing machine for water leaks and dryer for gas leaks.

25. Check garage for any interior damage and make sure garage door is operational.

26. Handyman repairs. When your home needs a little repair ( all homes do at some point) let Highland take care of it.

The Ultimate in Personalized Lifestyle Concierge Service


When you need  personalized services that other companies don't offer, not to worry, Highland Home Watch and Concierge has you covered. From simple to extraordinary we are here to help you free up your valuable time. Whether by the hour, month, or the event let us assist you in having a more stress free lifestyle.


1. Start automobiles, recreational vehicles, and boats. Check for fluid leaks, run a trickle charger if necessary.

2.  Fuel the boat and have it ready for launching at the dock.

3. Post storm inspection. Conduct a visual inspection of the exterior and interior of the home after a major storm looking for obvious damage.

4. Check breaker box after a major power outage and reset breakers, time clocks and security systems.

5. Pre-arrival services:

a. Arrange housekeeping.

b. Set temperature to comfort level.

c. Have requested vehicles ready for operation.

d. Stock pantry and refrigerator.

e. Run errands, post office, dry cleaning, pick up prescriptions

6. Post-departure services:

a. Arrange housekeeping.

b. Inspect interior of home.

c. Recalibrate systems back to vacant mode.

7. Emergencies. Meet law enforcement authorities and other emergency services when requested.

8. Project Management. Meet contractors who perform remodeling or repairs to the home and give progress reports to the home owner.

9. Trash can pick-up. This service involves a two time visit to the property, one to set the trash cans in the front of the property for pick up, and the second visit is to place the cans back inside off the street.

10. After hour's emergency response. Should you be contacted by local law enforcement, security company, fire department, or neighbor, we will go to your home and meet with the authorities, then do a visual inspection assessment and report back to you with our findings.

11. Assist with a senior parent in the owners absence, run errands, grocery shopping, and pick up prescriptions.

12. Key Holder Service. This affordable service is for home owners who wish to have a key made available to trusted authorized parties in case of unforeseen circumstances. We establish you as a client and hold possession of your key but do not make regular visits.

13. Meet with the home owner association to address any issues regarding your property.

14. Domestic and International relocation.

15. Home organization projects. Garage and attic clean out.

16. Personal shopping. Shop and purchase specialty gifts and food baskets and more.

Pride of ownership


Highland Home Watch knows that you have invested a considerable amount of time and money acquiring your home. Whether it is your primary, second home, or an investment property we can be your eyes in your absence. We know what it takes to keep your home functioning at peak performance and looking great!

           Licensed, Bonded, and Insured 

Full Concierge Home Watch Service in Lake Havasu City

Peace of Mind


Thank you for giving us an opportunity to share with you what our services can do for you in achieving stress-free home ownership. 

By the way, we always appreciate your referrals.

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Q. How much does the service cost?

A. The basic service is based on how many bathrooms not square footage of the home.

Q. How long does the contract run?

A. The written contract between you and Highland Home Watch and Concierge does not stipulate a time limit; it is entirely up to you how long you want it to run.

Q. How do we get started?

A. Simple, we set an appointment to meet you at your home and discuss a service plan that works best for you. After you choose a service plan, we perform a complete visual inspection inside and out.

Q. How do I know if there is a problem?

A. When Highland Home Watch and Concierge is at your home performing a routine visual inspection we notate any concerns in a report with photos and notify you immediately by email and or phone.

Q. Are you insured? 

A. We are state and city licensed, bonded, and insured, and routinely checked by the FBI and Homeland Security.

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